Thursday, June 5, 2008

~InTrO Of sUpErJuNiOr~

Super Junior is also known as Suju or SJ. In this group, there are 13 members formed by SM Entertainment in 2005. Superjunior initially debuted with 12 members on 6 November 2005, wth the singles 'TWINS (Knick Out)'....

On May 2006, new member of Suju is added...

the members of Super Junior:

~Lee Teuk (leader)

~Hee Chul

~Han Kyung

~Ye Sung

~Kang In

~Shin Dong

~Sung Min

~Eun Hyuk

~Dong Hae

~Si Won

~Ki Bum

~Ryeo Wook

~Kyu Hyun